Tuesday, July 10, 2007

File Sharing Websites

Looking for a good website to send a large file to a friend or two? There are a ton of sites out there, but some are definitely better than others. Here is my take on the sites to use:


senduit : A very simple, non-intrusive site that does simple sharing and does it right, with fast downloads to boot. [maxfilesize: 100 MB]

yousendit : One of the more prominent sites, it's simple, non-intrusive, and has fast downloads. Also one of the few sites with bandwidth limits, so do the math before sharing a large file with lots of people. [maxfilesize: 100 MB, maxdownloads: 100, maxbandwidth: 1G]

mediafire : Similar to yousendit, but without download caps. [maxfilesize: 100 MB]


sendspace : Slightly larger file sizes are offset by the ad-heavy layout and broken-support for download managers and slowish download speeds [maxfilesize: 300 MB]

zshare : Clean, unobtrusive interface, but sluggish download [maxfilesize: 100 MB]

zupload : Larger file size supported but also more ads and sluggish downloads [maxfilesize: 500 MB]

uploadhut : Small file size, more ads, and super sluggish downloads [maxfilesize: 50 MB]

rapidshare : Ad-heavy interface and so-so speeds [maxfilesize: 100 MB]

sharebee : More of a meta-file-share, it uploads your file to a number of other file-share sites. Unfortunately, it uses mostly bad ones. [maxfilesize: 100 MB]


The following sites are infested with invasive pop-up ads, time delays that force you to look at ads before downloading, and other shenanigans:


None of the following sites worked for me: