Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pie Time

Melanie and I got together to practice making pie crust yesterday. We ended up making three pies:

Apple Bacon Cheddar Pie ABC

Yes, my friends, that's an Apple Bacon Cheddar pie. It remains to be seen if it's actually tasty, but those of you attending Arun and Rachel's holiday party will get to find out. We also made a cherry pie:


Finally, we made a chocolate-peanut butter cream pie, not pictured here. I'd like to think that I imparted some knowledge of making crust to Melanie, but she's mostly right that I'm a control freak in the kitchen. Sorry Melanie!

Brian Ferris: Pie Maker


Melanie said...

Yes, you're pretty freaky when it comes to control. But you're also fun to work with, when I can remember I don't have to cook with you every night. :) And you imparted some good pie crust wisdom that I look forward to trying out when I get back to CA. :)

Elizabeth said...

The apple bacon cheddar pre-bake picture is really, ummm, unappetizing! But I'm sure it tasted great ;)