Monday, September 7, 2009

Drawing the US is Hard

In this YouTube video (linked from BoingBoing), Senator (!) Al Franken free-hand draws a map of the United States with impressive attention to detail. I thought it'd be fun to try it myself. In fact, I encourage you to go give it a shot right now. Don't look at a map of the US before you start... you'll ruin all the fun.

Here is my result (click for a larger version):

Drawing the US: Fail

All in all, the results are pretty embarrassing, but not a complete failure. Let's look at some of the finer details:

1) Somehow Wisconsin ended up on the left-hand side of Minnesota.
2) Utah snuck up between Nevada and Idaho, when it belongs between Nevada and Colorado.
3) Whoops... where is New Jersey?
4) The NE is a general disaster.

How did yours turn out?


Melanie said...

I like that you at least put your name on it, like it was a 4th grade homework assignment. Cute!

cp said...

Wow dude, I am impressed. Also, no one's going to dock points because you left out Jersey.

Elizabeth said...

I love that Nebraska and Kansas are bigger than Texas! They do feel that way when you're driving across them...